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it's worrisome to know that someone walked on campus and no one noticed. >> a 9-year-old girl kidnapped from her school and assaulted. >> we have details of the frightening abduction of the 9-year-old girl at a san mateo school. the suspect charged today with two felonies and in court we heard a new disturbing description of what happened to the girl attacked inside a school bathroom and dragged off campus by her abductor. monty francis is live at park side elementary school in san
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mateo with that new information. parents have to be asking, how could this have happened? >> well, it's still not clear how the attacker got on to campus, that is one big question that parents still have. at 8:30 tomorrow morning, the superintendent is meeting with parents here at the school, and the chief of police will also be here to address their concerns. a new locked gate is up at park side elementary. where before there was an opening for anyone to walk on campus. surveillance cameras will be installed in the next three months as part of a project that was green lighted before the abduction took place. >> every principal has been meeting with their staff and reviewing safety procedures. reviewing our standard practice, which is, everyone signs in, everyone wears a badge. >> some parents question if those measures go far enough. >> it's very worrisome to know
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that someone could walk on campus without anyone noticing. i have a 9-year-old daughter, being at the school, it could have been her. >> bradley from san francisco followed a 9-year-old girl into a school bathroom where he groped her below the waist and clamped his hand over her mouth and carried her off campus. he took her to a house two blocks away where she was able to break free, kicking her captor and throwing rocks at him. >> she took steps that her mother had given her if ever in that situation. >> the abduction followed a string of events that day, which began at coral elementary in san mateo, where a school secretary escorted morosic off campus. he travelled one mile to bayside stem academy, where he asked a
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female student if she was a virgin. he offered vodka to two students who took sips. he travelled a half mile to park side where the abduction took place. >> they caught the guy friday night. that's all we could ask for right now, he's not out there to harm anybody else. >> on october 2nd, he's expected to enter a plea of felony charges of kidnapping and child molestation. he faces six misdemeanor charges including offering alcohol to a minor, he's being held without bail and he has no apparent criminal record except for a drunk driving arrest back in 2010 many monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope those parents get those answers tomorrow. thank you, monty. happening now in the south bay, firefighters are keeping a close watch over a house that went up in flames. you see the video here. before they arrived, it was neighbors acting on instinct as they raced to help. george kiriyama joins us in the
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evergreen neighborhood of san jose. >> that's right. a cleanup crew has arrived. they're out here to take care of another home that suffered smoke damage next door. and at one point this entire cul-de-sac was evacuated, before crews arrived here, it was neighbors coming to help homeowners, to try to save their home. here's a cell phone video given to us by one neighbor. take a look. three people were inside and managed to get out. fire ripped through the homes, you can see how intense the fire was. highly flammable wood on top of the roof. it went up in flames. a neighbor put water on the fire, using garden hoses. and so firefighters arrived. >> it's just a reaction. one to make sure people are safe. everyone's out of the house, and two, to try to save my neighbor's house. >> it's hard to think of losing your home, whether it's 30 years or even a year. but the most important -- the only thing that was going through my mind was the fact
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that everyone was out and safe. >> you're looking at the garage inside the garage, you see a lot of damage inside there, san jose fire says that's where the fire started inside that garage. how or what sparked it, they're looking into that. and as you heard the homeowner say, they lived in this home for about 30 years and they're going to have to knock all of this down and rebuild a brand new home. live in san jose, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. was it an inside job tonight? two men are behind bars, accused of stealing nearly 50 laptops from facebook's former offices in palo alto. they were arrested on multiple charges. within minutes police were able to track down both suspects who took off in separate cars. inside the car, police say they found 49 computers all belonging to facebook. police also tell us simon is an
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offduty security guard who also worked at that palo alto campus. new tonight, san francisco's reporting its first confirmed human case of west nile virus in seven years. the department of public health says the man is recovering at home tonight. it's likely he was infected in the bay area. this latest report comes amid what will probably be the largest west nile outbreak in the nation since the virus arrived 13 years ago. heyward police identified a man they shot and killed yesterday. they say alvarez was a suspect in the shooting at a nearby bar called the dirty bird. officers say they caught up with him a few block as way and pulled him over, and that's when he tried to run him over with a car. the three officers involved are now on administrative leave. it was a tragic accident that is the bottom line on the shooting that took the life of a 3-year-old son of a san jose police officer. the santa clara county district attorney issued its official
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findings saying the boy accidentally killed himself and his father will not face criminal charges. that shooting happened at the family's home in gilroy on july 5th. the boy found his father's gun in a nightstand drawer. new at 11:00, if you've been on the wrong side of a red light camera, you know it's an expensive find. about 500 dollars. many community groups oppose those cameras. one man squared off against the oakland police department. the opd sees it differently. here's cheryl hurd. >> we cannot staff an officer at these intersections 24/7. >> oakland has red light enforcement at 11 intersections in the city. >> a lot of these intersections we have pedestrians crossings, kids going to school. different people traveling through there. and we need a system that can help us. >> the department wants a green light from the city to extend the red light camera contract for an additional three years. they say it makes intersections
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safer. that extension would cost a little over $2 million. >> the police department experience as you've heard in there from loss and in terms of personnel this is one way to help us as a force multiplier and be there at those dangerous intersections. >> not everyone wants the red light cameras to stay. >> i would like them to conduct an independent study of what these cameras are doing. >> roger jones is a local activist who organized the red light camera protest group in alameda county. >> the public safety meeting and they're very concerned about the revenue. >> oakland is more concerned about money. red light runners are slapped with a $500 fine. in an eight-month period between october 2011 and june 012, the program reportedly generated $1.7 million for oakland. jones says that number is up for debate. he says he's more interested in extending the length of yellow
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lights at red light intersections. he believes that will generate a safer environment and save drivers money. >> each tenth of a second that adds to a yellow light will drop, that's why you have the cameras. >> that was cheryl hurd reporting. there was a lot on the line, president obama took on the world stage today, stepping before the united nations general assembly. in the wake of the anti-american protests in the middle east, the president encouraged the assembly to stand fast against violence and extremism. he argued protecting religious rights and free speech must be a universal responsibility. not just an american obligation. >> the attacks on the civilians in benghazi were attacks on america. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless on tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. >> there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. >> mitt romney has tried to cast president obama as a weak leader in terms of the global
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situation. too quick to apologize for american values. what crews uncovered under san francisco's city hall after the '06 earthquake. and what they'll do next. a bay area doctor is sounding the alarm on what she calls a concussion crisis for young athletes. cars without drivers? a google idea gets the green light on california highways. plus, the added features some are speculating on. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, 64 right now in san jose. and for our wednesday forecast, temperatures are expected to go up into the mid-70s near san jose. we'll talk about who will hit 90 degrees comingp in a few minutes.
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so you're in the car but you're not driving the car. google is driving. the driverless car got the green light from governor brown. the future is apparently now. scott bud man takes us for a test drive. no hands required as google founder sergei brynn and california governor jerry brown arrived in a car that drives itself, to sign a bill allowing the testing of self-driving cars in california. it's a boost for google technology as well as for those who have thus far been unable to drive. >> there are many, many people who are underserved by our transportation today. blind is one of them. some people have other
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disabilities, some people are too young, some people are too old. sometimes we're too intoxicated. >> google says it's tested its driverless cars for 300,000 miles and they've been safe. are you ready to jump into a car and let it take you for a ride? the governor says this is what california innovation is all about. >> that's the essence as i understand it of google, being able to imagine what isn't and bring it into reality. today we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. the self-driving car. >> reporter: like many technologies developed here in silicon valley this one still needs time to grow and answer questions like, who gets the ticket if a self-driving car runs a red light. >> self-driving cars do not run red lights. >> scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> it is amazing. here's something else to consider. you may have noticed, sergei
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brynn right there wearing his newest gadget. they turn users into human surveillance cameras, of sorts. google could apply that same technology to produce windshields of the future, while you're being driven to work in that driverless car you can check stocks and weather on your windshield. the company is making fewer of its s model sedans than planned. that means less money will be coming in and investors will be selling off their shares. tonight trader joe's salmonella scare is expanding to more than just peanut butter. sunland is recalling dozens of peanut and almond products sold under archer farms, open nature, fresh and easy and sprouts farmers market.
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if you want a complete list, go to our website, it's an epidemic coming to a head, according to the cdc. we're talking about concussions. and it's the youngest athletes who have the greatest risk. stephanie has more. >> reporter: a recent study found a 60% increase in youth athletes treated for traumatic brain injuries. it's so bad, the chief medical officer co created a bay area program educating parents and kids about this condition. without the education, some kids are ending up permanently sidelined. >> countless small minor ones. >> reporter: it's the ones he doesn't remember that scare him and his family the most. >> the whole day was a blur. i don't remember much of it. >> reporter: he may not remember a brutal hit during a lacrosse game last spring, but his mom will never forget.
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>> he was going for the ball, the guy hit him from underneath and he fell back. and he was out. >> the concussion sidelined him for eight months. >> he basically took it easy. but not the kind of easy that maybe he should have. >> physical rest is just as important as mental rest in allowing the brain to recover. if we do that at the beginning, we're shortening the recovery and reducing the risk of longer term problems during the school year. >> a walnut creek neuropsychologist saw vinny after that big concussion and gave him a serious warning. >> i knew if i got one more bad one, i was done. >> that's exactly what happened when he returned to the lacrosse field this spring. >> i got hit from behind and looking up on the ground after that and not remembering where i was or what happened. >> reporter: the doctor gave his family a devastating recommendation. retire permanently from lacrosse and football at 16. >> my dad took it especially
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hard. >> i had some guilt. maybe i should have taken him out sooner. >> reporter: vinny's not alone. traumatic brain injuries rose from 153,000 in 2001 to nearly 250,000 in 2009. when it happens to young athletes. concussions can be even more dangerous. >> there's many developmental things, neurodevelopmental things that are occurring that make them more sensitive to injury and takes them longer to recover. >> reporter: as co-founder of the california coalition, they're on a mission not to prevent concussions, but he can educate parents, coaches and trainers about the symptoms which include headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, seeing stars and ringing ears. 14-year-old sara perlmutter suffered her first concussion earlier this year during soccer practice. she and her parents took immediate action, giving her brain plenty of time to heal. >> i'm talking about a month and a half, overall including that to come back to soccer.
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i had to wait until i had no headaches for five days. >> now she's back to playing soccer year round for her team in berkeley. something vinny can't do any more. >> i think it hit him as time started to go by, and the other guys were practicing and he wasn't. >> reporter: vinny is playing a different tune these days with guitar. >> it's given me something that i'm passionate about, other than sports. >> and vinny comes from a family of athletes. his dad is a high school football coach, and his older brother plays lacrosse for san jose state. we put a lot of the updated information about concussions on, just search concussions. >> it's so prevalent in sports now, even in girls sports, you've seen huge spikes. >> you learn so much about it as the days go on. >> as this week goes on --
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>> temperatures are going to continue to warm up, we had a pretty hot one, no record setting conditions. five or ten degrees above average. one of the warmest. l los gatos at 86, we're finding numbers dropping off, with ice lated 40s, also some low 50s. we have a widespread of conditions in the south bay. 58 right now in sunnyvale. you're holding on to 63. everyone expected to find some cool temperatures tonight. let's get a look right now, this time of year the fog can really help to drop our conditions across the bay area. it was shrouded in cloud cover. we've seen a little bit of it lift, but there's definitely enough as we head throughout tomorrow that we may have a few delays at san francisco international airport. let's get you into the next 48 hours. what we're going to find is a pattern more typical of july and august. i mean, this is a really hot area of high pressure that continues to build offshore. not only plenty of heat building
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out here aloft. the other key thing we're going to find into friday and saturday, more of these drying offshore winds coming our way. that will help temperatures go about 5 to 10 degrees, and the other layer on top of this is some increased fire danger. temperatures at the coastline will gradually warm this week with 60s and 70s. for the interior valleys, you're going to find more 90s. it's really by thursday that we start to get those temperatures going up. how about the forecast for tomorrow morning. it looks like it's going to be another sensitive one. also anyone commuting near the coastline, the northern half of the san francisco peninsula from sfo all the way down to palo alto. the cloud cover will hold strong. not too much movement in it, as we head throughout 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, we're expecting a good amount of sunshine on your wednesday forecast. here's where we're going to start off with 47 in santa rosa,
11:21 pm
low 50s in san jose and the alma den valley. daytime highs should top out like this in the south bay. 90 in los gatos. for the east bay, upper 80s to near 90, if you think this is too hot for the first week of fall. on wednesday, let's wait until you see what we have coming for the weekend. we'll be able to get rid of the jacket in san francisco if you're working downtown. for this upcoming weekend, not quite 100, but it's going to get warm here with mid-90s coming our way into sunday. if you have a pool, maybe a last dip in it, before it starts to get cool by tuesday. we're looking at temperatures dropping, and maybe a few showers by next wednesday. all the geeky nerdy computer models are amping up that possibility by next wednesday. we'll have to see tomorrow. >> i'm not geeky and nerdy. >> well, when i'm up here talking about it --
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>> see how crews uncovered some san francisco history buried by the 1906 earthquake. and now what are they going to do with it p? this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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history is beneath us. construction crews have unearthed the massive foundations of the old san francisco city hall destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. >> the ruins of the dome and the wreckage beneath it became a symbol of the great quake. workers who were doing some landscaping near fulton found the remains earlier this month. federal archaeologists are managing the excavation of the site to see what pieces of the past may be salvaged. back in a moment.
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the giants have clinched the division, but the team has to
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clean up a few things before postseason play. that means solving the diamondbacks, he's 0-5 in his last five starts against arizona. tonight he got into trouble early. bases loaded with one out. paul goldschmidt has a .538 career average against lincecum. arizona takes the first lead. next batter, jason kugel. aaron hill comes around to score. the top of the third, things get worse. here's goldschmidt again. that's his fifth career home run off lincecum. all runs charged to lincecum who tried to make sense of the loss. >> i think it comes back to throwing strikes. i think i feel like the games i've done that -- just leaving pitches up. you can't do that in their field. i haven't gotten out of the jams i needed to to make the outings
11:28 pm
against the diamondbacks look better. >> the a's are guests of the rangers. tommy malone on the hill, and josh hamilton hits this one to right. and brandon moss can't stop the ball. he charges his seventh error of the season. a costly one. bottom of the 7th, bases loaded. he flies out to right, and makes amends. a great over the shoulder catch to keep the game tied. to extras. george homers to right off mark lowe. his sixth home run of the year, gives the a's the win. they hold on to that wild card spot. and the wall street journal released a study of the most biassed broadcast teams in major league baseball. the top honor goes to the white sox broadcasters who use the term we, us and our 104 times during the game.
11:29 pm
the least biassed were glenn kuiper they only used six such comments. i wonder if they counted how many times they say meets during their broadcast.
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we've seen the first lady make an appearance on "the tonight show." this evening it's ann romney's turn. >> i will tell you, my heart was just -- for me. i think for him too. >> was there dancing? is he a good dancer? >> you know, jay, he's gotten to be a better dancer. >> that's a political answer. >> ann romney with jay leno, you can see her on the tonight show in about four minutes, right after this newscast. >> that's right. >> she looks good. we're just looking for --
11:32 pm
>> that's going to do it for us. and a little seven-day forecast. >> it's getting hot as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday with low and mid-90s coming our way. a nice blast of summer air, even though it's the first week of fall. can you handle this? >> that's going to do it for us. good night. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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for a great price today at your local safeway store. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- ann romney. from "family guy," seth macfarlane. the music of bettye lavette.

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